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Are Your Dachshunds Ready and Warm for the Winter?

Winter is here, and you and your dachshund are getting out in the cold for walks, having fun in the snow, and for travel. However, while we humans bundle up to keep ourselves warm while outside, what about our dogs? How do they keep warm?

If you have sausage dogs and want to put them inside their own warm sausage roll, then you need to know the best ways to keep different breeds of Dachshunds warm in the winter.

So look through this article and you’ll be able to keep your Dachshund warm whenever the temperature gets very cold!

Can Dachshunds Handle The Cold?

Dachshunds do not handle the cold well, and if the weather is damp and cold outside then that makes the cold even worse. Regardless of their breed, all dachshunds are very close to the floor and that makes them get exposed to the cold quicker as the ground draws out the heat from their body. 

While some doxies love the snow and enjoy rolling around in the white fluffiness, you still need to keep an eye out for the two dangers of the cold: hypothermia and frostbite which can happen if they are outside in below 40°F temperatures.

dog frostbite

For dachshunds, frostbite is whenever their skin and tissues become so cold that they actually start to get damaged. For their extremities (such as their tails, nose, and ears, as well as unprotected paws), they can actually freeze. This is often identified through the affected skin being discolored to blue or grey. Additionally, once the skin is warmed the skin will become red and swollen.

Hypothermia, where the body gets so cold that the organs start to shut down, occurs hand in hand with frostbite. Some of the affected organs can include the heart, immune system, and the nervous system. If you find that your dachshund is breathing weakly and shallowly, shivering excessively, or is moving very slowly, then you need to warm them up quickly using blankets and lukewarm water. Don’t rub or touch any frostbitten areas, but allow the areas to warm and then go to the vet.

Hypothermia and frostbite can occur together and are often signs of an emergency. If you suspect that your doxie is suffering from either hypothermia or frostbite, you need to warm them up indoors (treating the hypothermia first by raising your Dachshund’s core body temperature) and also take them to the vet immediately for further treatment.

How To Keep Different Breeds Warm

While all the wiener dog breeds might look the same, and some of these methods carry over, all dachshund breeds have different ways to be kept warm that this article is going to explore.

dachshund in winter

Smooth Dachshunds

Smooth dachshunds are able to go out in the cold, and some of them even enjoy the cold weather and love playing around in the snow. While all Dachshunds can enjoy the snow for periods of time, you do need to keep an eye on them.

Doxies do get cold very easily and you need to ensure that once they get back inside you keep them in a warm room and wrap them up in a blanket so they don’t get too cold! When they are outside, you can help prevent the effects of the cold from bothering them as much by bundling them up in winter clothes.

Long Haired And Wire Haired Dachshunds

One of the tips that are especially for long haired dachshunds and wire haired dachshunds is to keep their coats dry and free of snow. If your dog is running around in the snow and is spending too much time outside, then they could get a very wet coat and lots of snow caught up in their hair and around their paws.

If you don’t want to spend time brushing snow from their long coats, cover them up with Dachshund specific winter coats and boots to keep the wet and the cold out.

Miniature Dachshunds and Dachshund Puppies

While there is nothing cuter than watching your miniature dachshund play around in snow piles that are bigger than he is, or watching the puppies experience their first-ever snowfall, you still need to keep an eye on them. These types of doxies are even closer to the ground than their larger breeds, so even more body heat gets taken away by the ground.

Make sure that they have warm beds off of the ground and in a very warm part of the house for when they come back inside. The best way to keep smaller dachshunds safe and warm is to limit the time spent outside in cold weather to absolute necessities, and bundle them up in those tiny winter outfits!

long haired dachshund in winter

What About Winter Clothes?

Winter clothes for all dogs, not just Dachshunds are designed to be effective and also outright adorable! But before you go picking out a coat that brings out your doxie’s eyes or coordinates with your own winter outfit, you need to know a few things about winter coats and boots for your wiener dog.

Winter Coats

Waterproof winter jackets and coats are wonderful investments because they will keep your dachshund’s fur dry, and they can be worn on both long walks and quick bathroom breaks. You can find winter coats for dachshunds of all shapes and sizes, just make sure that they are waterproof, like this dog winter jacket with an included harness!

Finding some that are thick, durable, snowproof, and long lasting are also great for you too. Especially if you live in an area where the winter weather comes by every single year and you need something for many years to come.

Winter Boots

To protect their paws from being exposed to too much snow, winter boots can be very helpful for dachshunds who won’t let the cold outside keep them from their daily walk! While it takes your furball some time to get used to them, winter boots protect your dachshund’s paws from the snow and the cold, and it also helps their paws retain a little bit of body heat as well.

Look out for helpful features like a non-slip sole, a toe shaped design to help them run, and also durability and longevity. Like the coat, they should also be waterproof, and ideally snowproof too. If you are looking for dog winter boots with these features, you may want to check out our Dach Everywhere Dog Winter Boots.

wire haired dachshund in winter

Keep An Eye On Your Dachshund

As long as you make sure that the temperature isn’t too cold and that you and your dog aren’t out for too long then you will be all good. Still, make sure to keep an eye on your dachshund as they experience the cold weather. Otherwise, both you and your dog can bundle up and get out in the cold weather, and your dachshund might even enjoy all the snow and the fun that it brings you!

Then you can both go inside, curl up, and focus on getting and staying warm until the next time you both need to brave the cold!

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