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Best Names For Dachshunds In 2023

Ahh, Dachshunds! They sure are one of a kind. Not only are their long, slender bodies and short legs adorable, but they also have playful personalities that make them so popular. 

The breed is loyal to the core; they will often follow you around and cuddle up close when it's time for a nap. Their small size allows them to fit in tight spaces, making them remarkably agile creatures. 

After all, Dachshunds were originally bred for hunting badgers! Badgers live in tunnels and chambers, all interconnected into what we call a “sett”. Dachshunds were bred specifically to be able to twist and turn in these narrow setts, wreaking havoc with unsuspecting badgers. 

Today, they are popular companion dogs that are smart, independent, and sassy. They remain true to their hunting past and are the epitome of a big dog in a small dog’s body!

If you are looking at naming your Dachshund, here are some popular, and some not-so-popular-but-still-cool names that you might want to check out. Also in this blog post are the do’s and don’ts of picking a name for your Dachshund. 

General Names 

  • Doxie - An affectionate nickname for “Dachshund”, Doxie might be a tad too obvious but a list of Dachshund names would be lacking without this inclusion. 
  • Lump - A Dachshund owned by David Douglas Duncan who lived with the legendary Pablo Picasso for six years. 
  • Buddy - The lovable, laid-back Dachshund in the movies “The Secret Life Of Pets” in both parts 1 and 2. Buddy was voiced by American comedian, producer, and writer Hannibal Amir Buress. Like cartoons? Get an adorable phone case just laden with illustrated Dachshunds! 
  • Max - One of the most popular dog names, leaving “Max” out of any list would be an affront. “Max” has Germanic and English roots which mean “greatest”. 
  • Scrappy - From the dynamic duo in Scooby Doo, Scrappy is a small but fearsome little dog. 

Cute Names 

Dachshunds are little lovable bundles of energy, and they should have cutesy lil’ names to suit them! 

  • Pipsqueak - This word first appeared in the late 1800s. “Pip” means a small thing, while “squeak” refers to the sound a small bird or animal makes. Collectively, the name usually refers to someone smaller than the average. 
  • Fern - Small and lightweight like the plant 
  • Feather - Another small, pretty thing that could suit a diminutive Dachshund.
  • Bug - Not just meant for insects, Dachshunds can be small, like bugs! 
  • Hiccup - Got an annoying Dachshund that rips apart your shoes and won’t leave you alone? Hiccups are annoying but CUTE! 

Pro Tip: Dachshunds can still have a high prey drive and like chasing things, so if your dog is ripping up your stuff, you may want to get it something to chase like this jumping interactive fish

  • Bean - Hyperactive like a jumping bean and small like one too! 
  • Squirt - Another word that affectionately means “small”.
  • Peewee - A word that is often used to describe “short”. 
  • Bullet - Small but mighty, a Dachshund’s shape closely resembles the shape of most bullets. A definite plus if your Dachshund is a hyperactive ball of energy that bounces off the walls! 

Another Pro Tip: Dachshunds have a notorious reputation for being hyperactive dogs. If you don’t provide enough exercise, they are likely to drive you crazy! If you want some peace and quiet, you can try this interactive treat-dispensing ball that might keep your dog happy for an hour or two.

  • Button - Ever heard of the phrase “as cute as a button”?


Ironic Names

Being tiny and yet energetic, calling a Dachshund a name that is more suited to a Mastiff is like calling a turtle “Usain Bolt”. 

However, ironic names can be good fun and who knows, maybe your Dachshund gets the idea and develops a killer sense of humor! 

  • Major - Named after the military rank, Major is often the name of large military and police dogs like German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. 
  • Frankenstein - Hahaha! Well technically, it is Frankenstein’s monster. Frankenstein is the name of the doctor but oh well. 
  • Hulk - It can be the intimidating green giant that all the Avengers are afraid of, or Hulk Hogan, the legendary wrestler from the 80s. Either way, it is a funny name! 
  • Zeus - The ultimate boss in ancient Greek religion, Zeus is the king of the Gods of Mount Olympus. We’re sure a Dachshund would be too if it were given the chance. 
  • Bane - Fan of Bruce Wayne? The villain of all the Batman shows, Bane is the league commanded of the League of Shadows. 
  • Fang - Harry Potter fan? Fang is Hagrid’s beloved boarhound that is played by a Neopolitan Mastiff in the movies. 
  • Cujo - The fictional killer dog in the 1983 horror film that is based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, Cujo was driven to madness and terrorized everyone around him. 
  • Baloo - A hot favorite from the Jungle Book, Baloo the bear and a Dachshund’s color might be similar, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. 
  • T-Rex - You can also use “Rex”, but naming a teeny wiener dog after a fearsome predator might be pretty funny unless you are a Jurassic Park survivor.
  • Dragon - The majestic mythical creature has a long, sinewy body similar to the adorable shape that our sausage dogs have, but that’s pretty much it. Nothing fire-breathing about Dachshunds! 

Your Dachshund may be a hardy, sturdy dog, but they are surprisingly prone to cold, especially during the colder months. Make sure to keep them warm in a winter jacket and protect their feet with doggy boots when you are heading out for walks. They want to stay nice and toasty just like we do! 

Food Names

Are you a big foodie? Well, so are Dachshunds! These little dogs are notorious gluttons and love to beg for food, but be careful not to overfeed them or offer too many treats. 

Dachshunds are prone to obesity and bloat and given their elongated spines, a chubby Dachshund would be more vulnerable to bone and joint problems. 

  • Sushi - Go international and pledge your love for Japanese food.
  • Peanut - Small and compact, they are even a similar color! 
  • Expresso - One for coffee lovers! Although they are the same color, we cannot imagine a playful, energetic Dachshund on caffeine.
  • Cookie - An oldie but a goodie, Dachshunds have the same colors as cookies. They certainly like them a bunch! 
  • Fudge - Also color-based, you can also branch this one out to “Brownie”, “Cocoa”, “Chip” and “Oreo”. Take your pick!

How To Name Your Dog

We hope that this list has given you some inspiration on naming your Dachshund. Picking the perfect name is a personal journey, but some general rules of thumb can help guide you in the right direction.

1. Avoid Names That Sound Too Similar To Commands 

You don't want your pup getting confused when you call them and it sounds like you are giving them a command. They may think you are in training mode instead of simply calling them over for a cuddle.  A few examples of names to avoid include Bo (No), Jay (Stay), Kit (Sit), and Ray (Lay).

2. Don't Pick A Name That May Embarrass Your Dog In Public 

Think twice before giving your pup a name like Droolius Caesar or Stinky McSniffles! While these names may be hilarious in the privacy of your own home, they won't go over so well at the park or vet office. It's best to pick a name that will make everyone smile without being too outrageous. 

3. Avoid Human Names For Your Dog 

This might be obvious, but it's definitely worth mentioning! Yelling out “Bob” or “Jane” might be a cause for some confusion in crowded places.

Final Thoughts 

There you have it! Some fun names for some fun dogs. Have fun picking one, and don’t forget to hug your Dachshund today!  

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