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Help! My Dachshund Is Peeing On Everything!

Every Dachshund owner is familiar with the dreaded body language of their sausage dog sniffing around your furniture and suddenly lifting a leg or popping a squat. And as you scream “Noooooo!!”, you realize it is too late and your beloved Doxie just took a whizz on your chair’s leg with your favorite rug underneath it.

What gives?! Your dog is housetrained, so why is your Dachshund suddenly peeing on everything? 

Fret not, you aren’t alone! In this blog post, we’ll look at why Dachshunds might pee everywhere in the house and what you can do about it. 

dachshund pee

Why Is My Dachshund Peeing Everywhere 

There are several reasons why your Dachshund might pee everywhere, whether inside the house or during your daily walks. 

  • Marking 
  • It is a common misconception that only males mark their territory by peeing. Intact male Dachshunds that are sexually mature tend to mark a LOT more than female ones, but some females can do it too, especially if they are not spayed or in heat. 

    Male Dachshunds tend to pee everywhere because they are marking their territory. By releasing their scent in certain areas, they can establish dominance over the territory they consider theirs. 

    Dogs do this as a way of showing the other animals that the area belongs to them, allowing them to feel safe and secure in their environment. This behavior is way more apparent if there is a new scent in town like a neighbor’s dog that just moved in.

    dog communication

  • Communication 
  • Whenever dogs pee around their environment, it can be for a purpose beyond simply marking their territory. This behavior actually has its roots in hormones as well as inherited or learned behaviors. 

    Some studies have indicated that urine marking is not just about scenting an area, but rather a form of communication within the animal community. Dogs have been known to express a range of emotions from fear to satisfaction when they pee and can use this behavior to communicate distress signals or warnings. 

  • Excitement
  • Another reason why your Dachshund might pee uncontrollably on everything is to communicate both happiness and excitement. For instance, if you act or speak happily or excitedly, your dog may release a few drops of urine in response. 

    Other times when dogs may pee due to excitement are if they see another dog they'd like to play with, or when they're presented with an exciting reward like a treat or toy. If you want to stop your Dachshund from peeing when excited, try to keep things calm and relaxed. Don’t overly greet your dog when you get home, and only pay him or her attention when things are nice and calm. 

  • Submission
  • Dogs can also pee to show submission as an instinctive response to other animals or humans. Dogs have strong pack mentalities and rely on these habits when interacting with a new creature. As such, submissive urination helps make clear who is the leader of the pack. 

    It also serves to create space between the dog and any perceived threat, demonstrating that there is no hostility or desire for confrontation. 

  • Separation Anxiety
  • If your Dachshund pees or poops in your bed or other intimate areas, you might have an upcoming problem on your hands. Separation anxiety in dogs can be a difficult and frustrating issue for dog owners to manage, and in cases of extreme anxiety, dogs may express their distress by peeing or defecating on everything, including private spaces like your bed and rugs. 

    To prevent this from happening, it is important to give your pup plenty of physical and mental stimulation before you leave the house. Whether it's going for long walks or playing challenging games, exercise is a great way to assist with anxiety management while teaching good behavior. 

    Separation anxiety is an extremely common problem that if left unchecked, can lead to severe behavioral consequences, so contact a dog trainer or take an online course if you feel that you could use some help dealing with it. Not only will you learn how to deal with inappropriate peeing, but you’ll also find a few tricks on dealing with stubborn dogs like Dachshunds. 

  • Medical Reasons
  • Urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and diabetes are all common medical reasons why your Dachshund could be peeing everywhere

    In some cases, the wrong type of diet or dehydration can even lead to inappropriate elimination. Whenever health concerns arise, consulting a veterinarian should be the priority to determine what medical intervention may be required for the resolution of these issues. 

    dachshund pee

    How Do I Stop My Dachshund From Peeing In The House?

    The good news is that house-training your Dachshund doesn't have to be a struggle. With some patience, dedication, and positive reinforcement, you can teach them where to go and stop any future indoor accidents from happening. 

    If there are indoor messes in the meantime, always clean up quickly with an enzymatic cleaner. If you were wondering if you should punish your dog for peeing in the house, DON’T! 

    Instead of showing them what they should do right, punishment just stresses them out and establishes an unwanted relationship between your dog and unwanted behaviors. 

    You can also use some natural scents that dogs don’t seem to like peeing on. For example, dogs seem to hate peeing on anything coated with vinegar or citrus. Alternatively, you can also use commercially-available anti-pee sprays to deter your dog from visiting the same area. 

    Are Male Dachshunds Hard To Potty Train?

    Potty training a male Dachshund is pretty similar to training a female one. One key difference is that males tend to mark more, especially if they are unneutered or if there is a female in heat nearby.

    If you were wondering why Dachshunds can be hard to housebreak, you aren’t alone! These intelligent sausage dogs are notorious for having a stubborn streak, and their mischievous and independent personalities mean they require more patience when it comes to obedience and commands than other breeds. 

    In addition, they were originally bred to hunt badgers and many Doxies still retain that high prey drive that is characteristic of all hunting dogs. Dogs with high prey drives can be easily distracted, so don’t be surprised if you are training outdoors and your sausage dog suddenly decides that a fleeing squirrel is more interesting! 

    doxie pee

    Final Thoughts 

    Your Doxie may be peeing on everything for several reasons. It is important to rule out any medical causes before assuming that your dog is acting out. 

    If you have ruled out any medical explanations, it is time to seek the help of a professional if things get out of hand. If going to doggy school isn’t for you or you’re short on time, this revolutionary dog training system has been proven highly effective for dealing with several common behavioral problems including potty training. 



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