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Ready to Celebrate Spring with Your Dachshund?

Spring is almost upon us, and as the temperatures rise, so do the possibilities for loads of outdoor playtime and spring hikes. 

If you’re as excited about spring as we are, this blog post is for you. In it, we’ll look at some of the springtime activities for Dachshunds and how you both can enjoy this magical season.

Outdoor Playtime With Your Dachshund

Any Dachshund owner knows that their dogs love spending time outdoors. After all, they were originally bred to work outdoors all day and hunt badgers. 

However, they are NOT meant for cold weather! The short coats of Dachshunds still will need some protection from the lingering cold so you might think about keeping a winter jacket on when you’re outdoors.

Here are several activities that you can do in spring with your beloved Dachshund and some tips on how to stay safe while doing so. 

1. Spring Hikes

Spring is the perfect time to start planning outdoor activities with your furry friend! Not only will they get their daily dose of exercise while exploring nature, but they will also benefit from plenty of mental stimulation as well. 

Exercising outdoors also provides loads of physical benefits for your Dachshund. However, like any outdoor activity, hiking has its risks. Here are some tips for hiking with your Dachshund. 

 If your pooch isn’t used to long walks, start very slow and build up gradually. You can also think about hiking with a doggy backpack so that if you bit off too much for your Dachshund to chew, you can give your tired pooch a lift home. 

Also, spring showers are super common and a wet Dachshund is a cold one, so you might also want to think about a doggy raincoat to keep your four-legged hiking buddy dry. 

When hiking with any dog, there are certain things you should consider before heading out on the trail. Make sure that your pup has been adequately trained so that they obey commands even when there are distractions around them (like other dogs or wildlife). 

You should also bring plenty of water and snacks since pups can become dehydrated quickly in hot weather. —and don’t forget a poo bag! It’s always important to leave no trace behind when hiking outdoors. 

Check out this nifty little 4-in-1 bottle feeder that will be ideal for your spring hikes. It allows you to carry water, kibble, poop bags, and even has a scooper for the poop! Alternatively, you can also get an individual poop scooper with a bag holder that you can use on your regular walks. 

Lastly, do some research before hitting the trails so you can determine which ones are pet-friendly. This way you can make sure you’re picking a path that won't put either of you at risk of injury or illness. Try to stay away from rocky terrain that will make your Dachshund jump up or down excessively as this could put him or her at risk of IVDD. 

2. Doggy Park Play 

Going to a dog park is an excellent activity for both you and your dog! Aside from physical exercise, park play is an opportunity to socialize with other pups and observe canine behavior in a range of environments. At these parks, dogs of all sizes get the chance to make new furry friends, explore the vast variety of smells and sounds, and improve their obedience skills. 

It is important to keep safety in mind when visiting these spaces. Springtime can still be cold for your Dachshund so keep your pooch in a winter sweater unless you see obvious signs that your dog is overheated. 

Ensure that both you and your pup listen to instructions from the attendant if any and familiarize yourself with all of the park’s rules and etiquette. Make sure that you bring a doggy first aid kit for any potential emergencies, as well as supplies such as water, toys, poop bags, and treats for rewards. 

3. Swimming 

Taking your dog swimming is an excellent way to strengthen the bond between you and your pup while providing both of you with a unique opportunity for exercise. Swimming is one of the best exercises for dogs! It can help to strengthen their muscles and improve their agility and agility while giving them a deep, full-body cardiovascular workout. 

Not only that, but it's also really good fun! The water provides a reduced resistance so swimming promotes low-impact exercise that can help to prevent injuries or worsening of any existing conditions. Make sure to provide your dog with a doggy lifejacket, even when he or she is an adept swimmer. 

If your Dachshund hasn’t been in the water yet and you’re wondering how to safely introduce your Dachshund to swimming, you might want to start with a very shallow lake or pond. Be sure to take it slow, starting with short sessions and shallow depths so that your pup feels comfortable in the water, then slowly increase in duration and depth as you go. 

4. Outdoor Games 

Outdoor games to play with Dachshunds are great fun, but you’ll need to be careful and limit the activity to flat ground. Jumping excessively up and down from great heights puts undue strain on their backs, and Dachshunds are particularly prone to spinal injuries because of their long bodies. 

Fetch is a wonderful game to play with your Dachshund as long as the ball hits the ground before your dog gets to it. Try not to make your Dachshund jump for the ball as this will make him or her vulnerable to injury.

You can also play hide and seek, a hunting dog favorite! Dachshunds are hunting dogs and like most others, they love to smell their way around. They are natural scent hounds and are likely to sniff you out in a jiffy if you’re hiding in some bushes! 

“Tag” is another good game that will make your Dachshund run after you. Just be careful when the tables are turned and you are chasing your dog. You don’t want to accidentally reward him or her for running away from you! 


Final Thoughts 

There you go! There are loads of springtime activities for Dachshunds from spring hikes to dog parks and outdoor games. Just be sure to keep a close watch on your Dachshund to make sure your dog stays comfortable and safe. 

Keep in mind that spring is also the time that many animals come out of hibernation and are active. You might want to keep your Dachshund on a leash if your dog has a high prey drive and is likely to chase everything in sight, including bears! 

Also think about bringing bug spray to keep those pesky mosquitoes and gnats away. In our upcoming blog post, we  will cover how to protect your Dachshund from creepy crawlies that are not only annoying, but can be downright dangerous. Stay tuned for more springtime funtime!


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